Survival Grenade

Survival Grenade

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These handy paracord grenade key fobs are a functional way of never losing your keys as well as always having paracord and a fire rod on you at all times. These lightweight and functional keychains are an inexpensive and smart way to always be prepared for the unexpected. You never know when you will need a few feet of paracord or need to start a fire and this survival grenade ensures you will always be prepared for the unexpected.

  • * Clip this on your person
  • * Carabiner
  • * Includes 10' paracord to lash, pull apart, improvise
  • * Includes Fire Starter & Tinder Ignites fast
  • * Includes Mini Saw
  • * Lightweight

  • Open in case of emergency for a handful of essential tools that are hardest to improvise in the wild
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