About Us

Our Dream:

We imagine a better world where everyone is prepared.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a safer life for people by making sure that every home, car and office has a survival kit to be prepared for all man-made and natural disasters.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the premier survival and emergency preparedness destination in the world that helps people be informed, make a plan and be prepared for all man-made and natural disasters. To that end, we must continuously offer a wide range of survival kits and emergency preparedness solutions of excellent quality, at prices so low that everyone can afford to buy them.

Our Values:

To achieve our Dream, Vision and Mission, we affirm our values of Quality, Innovation, Customer Focus, Responsibility, Integrity, Performance and Leadership.

Preparedness & Survival Information

We strive to create a website rich in survival gear and information about safety and emergency preparedness. Since planning for emergencies yields better protection, our company is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality survival, safety and bug out gear. It is important to prepare ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our business colleagues for any and all emergency situations.

Natural and Man Made Disasters

Disasters and emergencies can take many forms and they often strike suddenly, without warning. These disasters can vary, from natural disasters which include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods and snowstorms to man-made disasters, which include terrorism and terrorist attacks, power outages or blackouts, toxic chemical spills, auto accidents and a variety of others. Unfortunately, catastrophic events are often unexpected and occur in every region of the world, therefore it is important to always be prepared in the event should one happen in your area.

Survival Kits, Bug Out Kits & Bug Out Bags

Together with survival information, blogs, forums and guides, we offer a wide range of survival kits and bug out bags, which are also commonly referred to as “3 day kits,” or "72 hour kits." We have a very large assortment of survival kits and products in stock. For those of you who would prefer to build your own survival kit, we offer a custom "build a survival kit" option. Be sure to check back with us regularly. We regularly add new disaster recovery and emergency preparedness products to our store.

Who Needs Survival Products?

Our customers are: Private individuals, families, large and small companies as well as organizations, schools, churches, state and federal agencies and everyone taking the necessary steps to get prepared. Whether selling our products or simply giving guidance as to where to turn, we truly care about the subject of emergency preparedness. Our ultimate goal is to increase awareness with as many people as possible and to deliver a survival kit to every household, every car and every office.