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Whether it’s a disaster in your area, or a personal accident, having a well-equipped survival kit is essential to your well-being. There is a wide variety of survival kits for all emergency disasters, including home survival kits, pet survival kits, and bug out bags. In any case, the resources, survival tips, and survival kit ideas offered at SurvivalKit.com far surpass any offered in the industry in terms of quality, versatility, and affordability. All that is found at SurvivalKit.com will prepare you today, so you can survive tomorrow!

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Recent articles on our SURVIVAL BLOG

Build a Compact and Productive Potato Tower

  Maximizing space and minimizing resources are key concepts to survival gardening, and making a potato tower will help you to achieve both goals. Not only is more resource-friendly, but they are easier to grow and maintain than preparing...

Survival Gardening in Containers

  Uploaded on Mar 8, 2011 Finally got some Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Basil and Oregano in the ground - err - buckets! Not soon enough for the latest increase in food prices though. Container gardening with "earth box" type planters made from b...

How to Build a Compact Fishing Kit

Joe Flowers shares his build out for a compact and light weight fishing kit. Joe also shares some good tips on storing fishing line and some of his favorite pieces of kit. Don't forget about Joe's trip to the Amazon during the Amazon 50...

Evacuation: The 10 Minute Challenge

  Planning for evacuation is the number one way to keep your family alive during emergency situations.  Having a Survival Plan should be a priority for every one. In these great videos the Insurance Information Institute gives some of th...

Primitive Torsion Spring Foot Snare Trap

Published on Dec 4, 2014 A primitive survival trap design for snaring animals by the leg. ...

Unusual Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide for Preppers!

  Published on Feb 8, 2013 As a prepper, I see the value in having hydrogen peroxide in the stockpile. Here I have gathered some prepper specific uses for hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been around for ages and it has rece...