Why Your Bank Account May Be Worthless


Economic SurvivalAs the global as well as national economy continues to struggle to stay afloat, the value of the dollar continues to lose strength around the world. Our purchasing power is already at a record-low, and as consumer confidence continues to falter, we are only a financial mis-step from an economic disaster of galactic proportions. This is hard to believe considering that the stock market is at an all time high and the economy is showing signs of a slow, yet stable recovery. The recent sequestration that is now in effect thanks to those in Washington not being able to agree on anything, and the lack of faith in the dollar is setting the stage for a financial nightmare that may be lurking around the corner.
The dollar’s value is based on perception. Our currency used to be valued in gold. For every piece of paper money that we had in circulation, there was a measure of gold that was sitting in a vault somewhere. The money had real value. Now, our currency is valued not on gold but by what people think of our nation, our reputation our strength and our ability to lead the world and manage our affairs. The more and more out of control our government gets and the more in debt we become, the less people trust in the strength of the America and our currency.
This is at the heart of what consumer confidence represents. If people believe in America around the world, our currency is more desired, valuable and trusted. If people do not believe in our country, then the value and trust goes down. We are experiencing a period in our history where the value of the dollar is so weak that many of us find it difficult to make ends meet. Everything is costing more money, and it is not always related to the absorption of higher fuel and production expenses. Perception of the dollar is in horrific decline because our country is so politically out of whack that nobody takes us seriously anymore.
We are only one or two crises away from heading in to a financial catastrophe that can leave us in ruins. We may very well experience things that only the developing or third world has encountered, and none of us are equipped or prepared to live in that kind of environment. Things that range from food to water to health care and all of the items that we take for granted may easily become out of reach of the American consumer. If the dollar continues its decline, we will be paying more for everything, having access to less and participating in a economic crisis that will make the great depression pale in comparison.
Getting out of debt, having arable land, a supply of drinking water and a well-stocked supply of daily essentials are all things that can help offset the consequences of such a threat if it becomes a reality. Unfortunately, many of us are in no position to live this kind of life, and if an economic catastrophe really does strike, a significant portion of the population will be out in the cold and unable to move out of poverty for years. Are you ready to live in this kind of environment? Chances are that you are not, but you should be making learning about how to become sulfa-sufficient and resourceful a top priority.
If you want to survive an economic disaster, then the best advice is to radically change your way of living and outlook as well. At this point, we all believe our strength comes from having extra money in the bank, yet all of those funds can become worthless in the blink of an eye. Owning property is of paramount importance when dealing with an economic nightmare, but we are so far in to debt that hardly anyone owns anything outright anymore. How are you going to survive and sustain yourself when the dollar crashes? What resources will you need to provide for you and your family if our nation becomes an apocalyptic wasteland?
This is a possibility that is literally right around the corner. You can take steps to become more self-reliant and productive if you start learning how to live a new way of life now. If you are unable to move, get land and start growing your own crops and tapping in to your own water, the next best thing to do is to make sure that you have a lot of food and supplies on hand that will keep you well-stocked for a long time to come. Don’t have faith in our currency, and make sure that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to weathering the next economic crisis that can decimate our current way of life.


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