What Is Your Level Of Survival Skill?


Survival SkillImagine that you are dropped off in the forest, with nothing other than some rope, a poncho and a survival knife. What would you be able to accomplish with those items? Are you able to set up camp, start a fire, find and secure food and water all before the sun goes down? If you said no, then chances are that you need to develop some basic and fundamental skills that may come in handy during a time of unexpected crisis, either personally or on a much larger scale. Actually, if you were thrust in to an immediate and pressing wilderness survival scenario, you would be better off having a survival kit or bag full of items that would help you to get established.
Raw skills are important to basic survival if you are taking fundamental luxuries like food, shelter and water out of the equation. While the chances are pretty slim that many of us will encounter this particular situation, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that it could happen. If something did occur that put you in a life and death struggle in a wilderness environment until you can be rescued or things calm down, would you be able to manage? If you answer no, then taking some survival training is necessary, and everyone should have some of these basic skills drilled in to their psyche just in case something comes up in their lives when they are needed.
It only takes one freak act of nature, mechanical problems or some random act of devastation or terror to place you in a situation where you must completely fend for yourself without the assistance of anything other than your experience, wit and creativity. Learning basic skills can not only save your life, but help you to get established, create a zone of control and empower you to move forward until you can reach civilization. Getting lost in the woods, breaking down, losing your vehicle on a trip or simply running away from a fire or earthquake are all within the realm of possibility when it comes to getting stuck in the woods, and you should be ready.
Chances are pretty good that you will have much more at your disposal if you are prepared with a bug-out-bag, some basic equipment and supplies that will sustain you and get you started. You may not need to resort to primitive hunting and fire making techniques, but they are skills that you may need to rely on if your survival gear gets lost, stolen or wet. So, if you are willing to invest in the time and energy to learn how to survive with many tools that make the process easier, you should start with the foundation of basics that kids learn in scouts or summer camp.
It is not difficult to build a fire from nothing or set up a camp that is safe and dry. You can improvise almost anything in the forest in order to catch food, stay safe from predators and create a safe and effective zone of control and living. In the wilderness survival example, there is no one else to help you, and you may be stuck on your own for quite some time. Perhaps you hurt your ankle or broke your leg. You will need time to hunker down and heal. Maybe you are lost and cannot find your way out which will require days if not weeks of hiking, climbing, swimming and signaling for help along the way.
There are a million and one reasons to consider learning basic survival techniques in addition to having the right tools and supplies when you begin your journey. Babies need to crawl before they walk, and wilderness survivors can only help themselves if they are prepared, confident and capable of standing up to any random encounter that may come their way. You can beat the odds when it comes to going thirsty, starving, or succumbing to the elements if you have these fundamental tools well instilled in to your mind, and no one should skip this important and foundational learning process, no matter how well equipped they are to head in to the forest on their own.
Survival is as much about making do with nothing as it is being prepared, and having a kit is essential and smart. But, you should always have options that will help you through a difficult situation if that particular kit is not available when you need it the most. Give yourself every possible advantage when it comes to getting through your wilderness crisis in one piece, and fortify the tools that you currently have with foundational lessons and experiences that can be exactly what you need in order to save your life.


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