Update– New Secret Hiding Place Ideas

Update– New Secret Hiding Place Ideas


PVC Pipe

You can either use new or existing pipe for this trick. Add a section of pipe and cap it off so that you have a compartment that blends in with the rest of the piping. You can even install some pipe in a conspicuous place and easily fool the average burglar. Consider creating a fake pipeline in the basement ceiling or perhaps make a fake rod-out station in the yard. Maybe you can add some additional pipe to a pool filter or beneath a sink. The possibilities are endless, but it makes for a very good hiding place.

Add a Wall

You can easily another wall above an existing one in order to create a secret compartment. It can be as big or small as you like, and it can work wonders as long as it blends in with the rest of the room. Simply build a wood frame against the existing wall and install plywood or drywall for the new one.

Fake Baseboards

Cut out a section of baseboard and the wall behind it. This will provide you with a narrow opening that can be very hard to detect, especially if you do it near a corner or other place where sections already meet. This way, any cuts you make will look more natural in comparison to the other sections of baseboard. This can be ideal for keeping cash, maybe a gun or other small to mid-sized items.



Ventilation Ducts

Take advantage of existing duct work to keep small bags or boxes of valuables. However, it’s important to avoid placing them near vents that can be removed and inspected. Instead, create a false section somewhere along a duct that is easy for you to access, but hard for the bad guys to detect. Just make sure that you don’t place large and bulky items in ducts. The weight can cause the duct to warp, and big items can block the flow of air.


Make a small vertical cut on the inside of the waistline of a pair of pants. This will open up the space between the inner and outer layer of material. You can stash cash or other small items that will be hard to detect even if someone is feeling around. You can also tear away the fabric or soles of different types of shoes and accomplish the same thing. The idea is to take advantage of that available space while choosing items that wouldn’t get the attention of the thief.

Hopefully these ideas will be beneficial, even if they only cause you to think of some better ones. Don’t forget to hide a small amount of items in obvious places, such as safes or lock boxes, just to create a tempting diversion as well. Remember that diversifying resources is the best way to ensure that you don’t get cleaned out completely if someone does try to steal from you.



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