The Cricket Trailer: Perfect for the Active Camper

Camping just got a whole lot cooler. The cricket is a towable camper that puts sleeping in tents to shame. Created by Nasa architect and designer Garrett Finney, the avid camper wanted to combine his love for his family with his love for the outdoors. The goal was to create an “innovative lightweight, compact, and flexible small environment in which to travel and explore the world we live in.”

For the serious backpacker or outdoorsman, the Cricket is a mobile base-camp that provides a secure place to store whitewater kayaks, snowboards, mountain bikes, fishing poles or hunting gear while you go on day excursions. Packing a great deal of utility into a small footprint, Cricket is also the must-have accessory for the next music festival or tailgate party on your calendar.
Whatever adventure is calling your name, the Cricket offers a comfortable place to sleep up off the ground, a safe place to stash gear, a sheltered kitchen in a rainstorm, a bathroom in the middle of the night, a cold drink at the end of a hot day, and a safe haven from the local insect population.

Want more info on the cricket? Download the price and specs sheet here.
Cricket Camper


Source: Cricket Trailer

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