Super Glue: A Prepper’s Best Friend

By John Landry on October 11, 2014 SurvivalLife

Right after duct tape I would have to say that super glue is a man’s best friend (besides your dog that is).  Super glue, or Cyanoacrylate as it is properly named, is an incredibly diverse tool in and of itself.  It is relatively cheap yet versatile.  It is easy to carry with you but quick to deploy.  This substance was actually discovered during WWII when the gun manufacturers were looking for materials to make gun sights.  Then it was rediscovered in the 1950’s for other uses, and the rest is history!




As an avid backpacker and camper (real backpacking camping and not with a trailer or mobile hotel), I have used super glue to repair tents, backpacks, equipment, and just about everything.  Think about all of its uses: it can repair weapons, electronics, tools, and all kinds of things that might break or fail when you really need them to work.


Now there are a few limitations with super glue.  Once opened the shelf life is probably only a month, but left unopened it can last a year or more.  Make sure you rotate your stock of tubes so you have fresh glue readily available in case of emergency.


Medical Uses for Super Glue

Certain medical needs can also be taken care of with super glue.  If you have a cut that needs a quick repair until you can have a medical practitioner stitch you up then super glue might be your answer to stopping the bleeding.  Some of you might have had emergency rooms use a type of super glue on your injuries.  My son cut his forehead once when he got into an argument with the refrigerator (yes – he lost) when he was about three years old and the emergency room glued his forehead cut shut instead of using stitches.  Research actually shows that super glue can be used more effectively and with less chance of infection than regular sutures or stitches.

Here’s a great video explaining how to use superglue to seal a wound:

One other thing you should have near your super glue supply is some acetone or nail polish remover; that will help you clean up any accidental glued areas (to include your skin).

So when gathering your supplies and purchasing what you need for a bad event, remember that some tubes of super glue might be a life saver.  What else can repair almost all of your equipment and even you!

So be careful out there, and always remember, “If not me, then who?”


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