Jungle Survival: Rules To Know


Before you take that vacation to the Amazon or Congo, you’re going to want to look over these jungle tips that will prepare you for your journey and give you the know-how to stay safe and survive an emergency situation.

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#15 – Do all your traveling during the day and never at night because that is when all the big mean, nasty, critters come out.
#14 – Never grab or part vegetation with your hands, always use a stick or you just might get thorned, stung or bitten.
#13 – Should you find any vines or rope placed across a trail, it usually means “Danger – Don’t Go There!”
#12 – Should you get entangled in some vines, try moving backwards in reverse to undo yourself.
#11 – Cross water slowly and only at shallow & narrow places, rush across only if you see danger.
#10 – Never camp near stagnet water, ant hills or where animals have been eating and staying.
# 9 – Rain water trapped in plants is the safest water to drink without filtering and purifying it.
# 8 – Plants that produce a milky sap or taste sour and bitter are considered UNSAFE to drink.
# 7 – Before putting your butt or hand on the ground, check for snakes, insects and reptiles.
# 6 – Never urinate in water, and always check yourself for leeches after a water crossing.

See #5-#1 at Survival Outdoor Skills


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