Is Armageddon Really Possible?


Is Armageddon really possible?

Many people are fascinated with disasters, and our love of movies, books and television programs all indicate that this is a very popular subject indeed. But, is it really possible that a cataclysmic incident can change life on our planet in the blink of an eye? Do you think it is really within the scope of reason that a nuclear holocaust will grip the earth or that the ground will rip open, spewing volcanic lava and ash over large parts of a continent? While this may seem the stuff of a good movie or story line, the reality is that many of these events happened before, and there is a really, really good chance they will happen again.
Recently, a small meteor screeched across the sky and landed in a frozen lake in Russia, causing hundreds of injuries and millions of dollars in damage. The shock wave blew out glass from windows, damaged buildings and sent scores to the hospital. This was a small piece of rock, but the energy that it released was the equivalent of a small atomic bomb. Imagine if the meteor was bigger and it struck in a densely populated area. Think of the damage, the disruption of service and the overall chaos that it can create.
Rouge nations are continuing to develop nuclear and chemical weapons, governments are less stable and there are wars brewing around the world. The threat of terror has already become a reality once on a grand scale in this country, and perhaps it will again. Phenomenally deadly diseases are showing up in places that were the last place that people thought they would emerge. More and more of the population is traveling around the world in greater frequency as well. Someone with the flu can hop on a plane and send the virus to the four corners of the globe in a matter of hours.
These are just a few realities that the world is currently facing, and it will not take much to turn the globe into a deadly tinderbox. In the span of a few short hours, our very way of life can be dramatically transformed, and the big question that should be on your mind is whether or not you are ready if that day comes. Survival is not just a hobby anymore, it is something that everyone should take a little bit more seriously. We have taken for granted how delicate and fragile life really is, and it only takes one event, or a chain of events to remind us that we need to be more mindful and prepared with how we will survive if disaster strikes.
So, in once Armageddon is entirely possible, but on the other hand the odds are still in our favor that we will all live to see another day. But, we should never take for granted that we should always be prepared for the unexpected and ready to act at a moment’s notice. But, how do we respond to an asteroid or meteor colliding with the earth? How do we deal with a chemical, nuclear or biological incident that happens on a grand scale? Well, there are no simple answers to these questions, but there are solutions that all of should consider.
Learning about the consequences of these events can help us to prepare and make sure that we are as ready as possible to adapt. This might mean sealing our homes and living off of our supplies for days, weeks or even months. It might mean making a hasty exit to the hills or wilderness where it will be safe to live and start over again. It may mean simply saying our prayers and preparing for the inevitable. Survival is something that needs to be taken seriously, and the more studying, learning and preparing we do now will help us to react and respond later if we are called to do so in a hurry.
There are solutions to every problem, and there are ways to develop a real plan that will help us to sustain ourselves and survive even the most devastating incidents. The secret is to know what to expect, to develop the necessary responses and to think clearly. Our government does it, and so do many other organizations. However, the population at large is still more fascinated with watching disaster unfold on the screen or in their books that they forget to take precautions in reality. While Armageddon may still be a long shot, it is more possible and realistic than ever before. Consider how you can prepare yourself for this eventuality, and turn your attention and resources to discovering how you can be ready if that fateful day ever comes. You don’t have to be a victim if you are ready and willing to fight back.

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