How to Turn a Bottle Into a Fishing Pole


Making an emergency fishing pole in the field isn’t that complicated, and all you really need is a good stick.  However, one of the drawbacks that’s easy to overlook beforehand is that you can’t cast with a pole that doesn’t have a reel.  While this may not be a problem when you can just drop a line in the water and wait for a bite, you may run into trouble if you’re trying to reach fish that are farther away.


On the other hand, you can use a plastic bottle to overcome this limitation, and you can ditch the pole altogether.  Take a look at the steps below, and see how you can put this fantastic survival resource to work for you.


Sturdy Water Bottle

While you can use any plastic bottle you like for this project, consider using a sturdy water bottle instead.  This will help you to conserve space and turn your bottle into a handy multi-tool at the same time.  The first step is to wrap some duct tape around the bottle so that it’s situated about an inch above the center.  Repeat with a second rap that starts about an inch from the bottom.  Make each wrap about ¼ inch thick.  When finished, you should have an inch-wide gap between the two wraps, and this is where you will spool your line.


Using the duct tape will provide you with a number of benefits.  First, this is a great way to store duct tape.  Second, it can act as a grip as you’re waiting for a catch.  Finally, the wraps help to hold the line in the center of the bottle, and it also minimizes tangling as well.  The next step is to tie off one end of the line to the bottle and start spooling the rest.  When finished, cut the line and attach your sinker, lure or hook.  Use this as an anchor to hold everything in place, and you’re good to go.



It’s important that you use a weight on your setup because you need it to cast the line, and you may need to make some adjustments to the weight depending on how far you need the line to go.  To cast, grip the top tape roll with one hand while you unwind a few feet of line with the other.  Grab the line between your thumb and forefinger about 2-3 feet from the hooked end, and start spinning it.  Launch the line in the direction you want it to go, and the weight should cause the rest of the line to spool off.


Holding the bottle with one hand is an easier way to let the line cast out as opposed to holding it with two and letting the bottle spin.  You’re less-likely to lose your grip, and the force of your hands can also cause the line to jam up during the cast.  However, you can use either technique based on your preferences.


To reel the line back in, just pull it with your fingers and wrap it back around the bottle.  If you get a bite, spin the bottle around the taut line, and you won’t have to worry about the line cutting into your fingers.


Try this for yourself, and see how this simple trick can give you the same benefits of a reel without having to lug one around.  You’ll be able to fish in more spots, and this can increase your chances of having a successful catch.



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