How to select a bug out bag

Just about any bag you can carry could be considered a Bug Out Kit. But carrying a suitcase through the woods wouldn’t translate into a good time. A rucksack, or day-pack, while a much better choice than a suitcase or other type of container, isn’t the best bug-out bag selection you could make.

The best bug out bag is a backpack with a frame. That sounds relatively simple, and on the surface, it is. In reality, choosing the right size and style of bug out bag is a matter of critical importance.

The most important aspect of a good bug out bag is that it fits you. Most people, regardless of their size, aren’t capable of carrying a backpack that’s loaded to more than 50 lbs. A 50 lb pack, with the additional weight of clothing etc. can quickly reach 75 lbs or more. It is best to limit your bug out kit to just about 35 lbs. In addition, you may be hiking through deep snow, using snowshoes, or walking in sand.
Carrying a 35 pound backpack is difficult but not impossible. With the right equipment, a little practice, and a sincere effort to get in shape, it can be done.

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