How to Make Your Own Lemon Soap

How to Make Your Own Lemon Soap


Required Items

All you need for this recipe is a soap base, such as Shea butter, coconut cream or goat milk.  You will also need the zest of about five lemons in addition to 4-8 drops of essential lemon oil, depending on your preferences.

You will need to purchase the Shea butter, coconut cream or other bases beforehand.  Make sure to order enough so that you won’t have to wait longer than necessary to be able to start this project.  Using goat milk as a base is something that you can do on your own by following a few simple steps.   

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Goat Milk Base

Use the following ingredients to make a nice and simple base:

14 ounces of olive oil

13 ounces of coconut oil

14 ounces of a different type of oil, such shortening, lard or tallow

14 ounces of goat milk

½ to 1 ounce of essential oils (if wanted)

6 ounces of lye

The process is very simple.  Freeze your goat milk the day before you start to make this recipe.  The next day, take a large metallic or wooden bowl or pot, and put it in an ice bath in the sink.  Place the frozen milk into the bowl.  Carefully and slowly add the lye and mash it into the milk.  The mixture may warm up and cause the ice to start melting in the bath.  Keep adding new ice as you mix the lye and milk together to keep them as cold as possible.

Expect the milk to change to an orangish-tan color during the process.  However, discard the material and start over if the milk starts to turn brown.  This indicates that the milk has degraded and will develop into a useless finished product.   The presence of an ammonia-like odor may be noticeable, but don’t worry.  This is normal and it should dissipate as you keep mixing.

Place the other oils into a pot or double boiler and heat until they melt and reach a temperature of between 110-130 degrees.  Stir slowly until all of the oils have melted and mixed together.   Remove from heat and slowly pour into the lye mixture and stir everything together slowly by hand.  Mix with a hand mixer or whisk until the ingredients develop the consistency of pudding.  Pour in the essential oils, if you are using them, before pouring the batch into a plastic container and allowing to the milk base to harden.

Make sure to wear gloves and protective goggles when working with lye.  If you do get accidentally burned, pour some vinegar over the affected area because it helps to neutralize symptoms.

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Preparing the Soap

Take the base of your choice and break it up into a few smaller pieces.  Place into a large glass measuring cup and microwave it for about 30 seconds.  Remove the cup, stir and move the pieces that didn’t melt around a bit.  Put back in the microwave and heat for another minute.  Add about half of the drops of essential lemon oil along with the lemon zest and mix until the ingredients are evenly distributed.  Smell the mixture and add more essential oil if desired.

Pour the mixture into molds and allow it to harden at room temperature.  Ice trays make ideal soap molds, but you can choose from limitless options in order to create bars to match any preference.  The soap will harden in as little as an hour, and you can then separate them from the molds and store.  Store in a cool and dry place until ready for use.

This soap is an ideal choice to have on hand due to its ability to kill germs and cleanse the skin.  Feel free to get your creative juices flowing and improvise on this basic recipe.  You can also use any type of soap base that you prefer, including those without lye, and achieve similar benefits.



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