How to Make Your Own Ballistics Gel


Ballistics gel can enhance target practice and make it easier to examine the characteristics of shots fired by different types of guns or ammunition.  Using it can help you to improve your shooting or choose the best weapons and ammo.  Making your own also provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of tailoring them to meet your needs.  You can also save a lot of money.

Here is a nice video that can produce a decent product, and it’s really easy.  All you need are some basic household items and time.

Mixing the Gel

Measure the amount of water you need and put into a pot.  Pour in the appropriate amount of gelatin directly into the cold water all at once.  Slowly stir the gelatin and water until they thoroughly mixed and develop the consistency of cooked grits or cornmeal fresh from the pot.  Be patient.  Slow stirring minimizes the amount of air bubbles in the mix that can degrade the gel later on.

Place the mixture into the refrigerator overnight.  This cooling will alter the structure of the gelatin that will produce a better finished product later on.  Remove the pot and place it on top of a burner.

Slowly bring up the heat until the gelatin mixture reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir as it begins to liquefy.  This is the ideal temperature that causes the gelatin to change its properties that create the ballistic gel.  Heating it to higher temperatures can cause the gelatin to scorch in addition to degrading its molecular structure and weakening the finished product.

Spray the cooking spray into your molds, pour in the gelatin and place them in the refrigerator overnight again.  Remove the molds the next day and place upside down on the counter or table.  The ballistic gel should come right out without sticking.  If it does stick, gently tap the bottom or side of the container.  If worse comes to worse, you can gently tear or cut away the mold from the container to minimize the size of the tear or divot.

Allow the gel to rest in a cool and dark place or in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.  You can also experiment with different proportions of gelatin and water to modify the thickness and rigidity of the finished product as well.  You can also add some food coloring to the mix in order to make it more visible or invisible based on where it will be placed during shooting.

Discover the many practical uses for ballistics gel by trying this out for yourself today.  It can help to improve your shooting in addition to assessing the effectiveness of your weaponry.


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