Biodiesel | Learn How To Make Your Own Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil

Biodiesel | Learn How To Make Your Own Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil

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Graydon Blair from Utah Biodiesel Supply shows you how to make a quick mini-batch of Biodiesel from new oil using only methanol and potassium hydroxide.

The batch is made from new Canola oil but any organic oil will work.

The recipe:
500 mL Canola Oil
100 mL Methanol
3.5 grams Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)

Materials Needed:
1 Liter New Canola Oil
1 Yellow Bottle of HEET
3.5 Grams Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
1 Measuring Cup To Handle Up To 500 mL (Oil)
1 Measuring Beaker up to 100 mL (Methanol)
1 Small scale accurate to 0.5 grams
1 Measuring cup for scale
1 Pan & small burner to heat oil
1 Thermometer that reads up to 200 deg. F
1 Pouring Funnel
1 Large Wide Mouth Mason Jar
1 Pair of safety gloves

A) Add 500 mL to pan & begin to heat
B) Measure out 100 mL Methanol
C) Measure out 3.5 Grams KOH
D) Add KOH to Methanol & allow to dissolve
E) Heat oil to 130 deg. F (no hotter than 140 deg F Max)
F) Pour heated oil into mason jar
G) Pour methanol into oil
H) Screw on Mason jar lid tight
I) Shake vigorously for at least 5 minutes
J) Allow to settle for approx 24 hours
K) Remove Glycerin
L) Biodiesel is ready to show off!

To learn more about Biodiesel including how to produce it from used vegetable oils, visit Utah Biodiesel Supply




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