The “Best” Home Defense Gun

The “Best” Home Defense Gun

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  1. Pistols are “convenient”. They are small, and easy to carry on your person. They can be concealed in public, but that isn’t as big of a factor for home defense.
  2. It may be easier to move or manipulate a child while holding a pistol, as compared to holding a long-gun.


  1. They are much less effective as Stoppers than a rifle or a shotgun. This is not something to “argue” about. It is simply a FACT. Pistols “can” and often will Stop a bad guy, but they are less effective than a rifle or a shotgun.
  2. Pistols are harder to aim and hit the target with than other systems. Practice can improve your accuracy, but they cannot be operated as accurately as a shoulder-fired weapon. Novice shooters will have a harder time shooting a pistol accurately than a shoulder-fired weapon
  3. Pistols are easier to take away from the shooter than a rifle or a shotgun. Many people falsely believe this is not true, but if you ever get some professional training, you will find that this is a simple fact.
  4. Pistols will penetrate several walls, sometimes even more than a rifle or shotgun. Again, many people falsely believe this is not true, but it is a fact. See Shooting Through Walls Any round that will penetrate enough to effectively Stop a bad guy, will penetrate several walls.



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