45 Uses for Alcohol In A Survival Situation


Cheaper Than Dirt did a piece on all the ways alcohol can be used to survive so we thought we’d share.



1. Fire starter
2. Barter and trade
3. Alleviate boredom
4. Calm anxiety
5. Sleep aide
6. Molotov cocktail
7. Antiseptic for wounds
8. Sterilize needles, tweezers and other instruments
9. Disinfect questionable water
10. Relieve poison ivy
11. Kill odors
12. Refresh clothing
13. Bug repellent and killer
14. Surface cleanser
15. Anesthetic for tooth pain
16. Lamp fuel
17. Make herbal tinctures and elixirs
18. Facial astringent and toner
19. Topical treatment
20. Clean skin before an injection
21. Fuel for vehicles
22. Stove fuel
23. Gun cleaner
24. Solvent
25. Mouthwash
26. Rust prevention
27. Clean optic glass
28. Clear congestion and sinuses
29. Stop the itch of bug bites
30. Fire accelerant
31. Numbing agent
32. Starter fluid for IC engines
33. Hygienic soak for razor blades and brushes
34. Weed killer
35. Chemically cook food
36. Deodorant
37. Make perfume
38. Clean electronics
39. Kill mold
40. Remove stains
41. Dry wet clothing
42. Break the bottle and use the glass shards as a weapons and cutting tool
43. Cough suppressant (warmed whiskey mixed with honey and lemon works best)
44. Help repopulate
45. Muscle relaxer



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