In the wake of several tragedies, it becomes even more essential to protect you and your loved ones to the best of your ability.  You can never accurately predict what others are capable of doing in the event of an emergency which is why we strongly believe in having the proper survival weapons in your survival kit.  Survival weapons, such as a knife, a taser gun or even a gun, in your survival kit is extremely important because that can be used to protect your family against predators. In the event of a life or death situation, having the proper weapons in your survival kit can truly make a difference in how well you and your family are protected.  It’s important to mention that only you can decide what you are comfortable with including in your survival kit. If you decide to include weapons in your survival kit, make sure you are fully comfortable in using it if need be. Have the proper product knowledge and the know-how is essential.


Types of Survival Weapons:

survival knife


1. Survival Knife: A survival knife, is a practical weapon that should be accessible at all times.  You might be surprised how often you’ll use it–even if not in a survival situation. A survival knife is a knife that can help you survive.






There are numerous survival related functions for a survival knife and they are the following:

  • Cutting/Slicing
  • Self-Defense
  • First Aid Tool
  • Food Prep
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Making
  • Hunting Weapon


2. Taser Guns: Although taser guns are not lethal, they temporarily shock the assailant which allows the individual getting attacked to escape.  There is minimal training to use a taser gun. It’s important to mention that taser guns have a firing range, up to 15 feet, which allows the victim to keep a safe distance.


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