You Will Be Surprised By Your Survival Capabilities

Tornado survival When faced with a struggle for life and death, human beings are surprisingly resilient. People who are normally weak, shy or seemingly the direct opposite of who we assume to be heroes do amazing things. If you think that you are not good enough, smart enough or strong enough to stand up to whatever crisis comes your way, think again. While it may be hard to predict exactly what are you are capable of doing, if you have the right tools, the best preparation and a willingness to win, you can beat the odds and survive almost anything. Strength in crisis is a biological asset that most of us have at our disposal, and you can focus that energy in ways that you have only dreamed of before.

While many people can randomly do amazing things, you can learn to target your energy and use it in a directed, focused and intentional way. During a crisis you can use your training to think clearly, avoid panic and make decisions that can ultimately save lives. The trick is in training, preparation and readiness, and these are all processes that develop the habit of being a superhero, even when times are normal and routine. If you want to be able to stand up to an emergency situation and make good decisions, then you can start working now to ensure that when the time comes, you will be ready to meet and exceed the challenge.


Survival is a natural instinct that we all have in common, but using that instinct in positive ways requires practice and the formation of habits. This usually comes in the form of drills, exercises and focusing your thoughts and energy on a lot of what-if questions that you play out in your mind or simulate in drills. Firefighters, emergency responders, police, government agencies and a host of other groups use these methods to help them to be ready when a crisis hits, and you can also use similar methods to prepare yourself as well. If u are thinking of the future and how you or your family will be able to deal with a tragedy and its aftermath, then you are already well on the way to becoming a survival expert.

Preparation, having a plan, confidence and the right tools are all pieces of the puzzle that lead to surviving almost anything. A survival kit, a good exit strategy and follow up planning can all work together to ensure that you have what it takes to walk through almost any catastrophe or incident while giving it your best and improving the odds of having a successful outcome. Whether you are preparing for life in the wilderness or an escape from a snowstorm of flood, dedicating your time and attention to practice, rehearsal, setting up contingency plans and exercising your ideas will all benefit you in the event that a crisis happens.

There is no telling when these skills will be required, but when something happens, you can be ready to stand up and meet the challenge. So, no matter what you are thinking of preparing for, overcome your sense of self-doubt and human limitations and think practically and effectively to find realistic solutions that are doable. Develop a plan, organize an approach and obtain the necessary resources that will make escaping whatever disaster you plan to encounter a reality. You do not have to be a victim. If you survive the initial shock and force of whatever crisis is happening, then you have options. If you take the time to think and prepare, then you have even more options.

You can tap in to resources that include survival gear, kits and tools as well as obtaining general or specific training that can be used to hone and develop your skills. You can also simply read, study and learn how others teach people to become fighters and survivors. No matter what resources and tools you decide to use, as long as they work for you, you can benefit from them. The important thing is that your mind and your attitude are being prepared to handle a big crisis, and when that time comes, you will almost subconsciously rely on your training and previous experience to help you to make decisions that matter in that particular moment.

Anyone can be a survival superhero, it just takes a little effort and focused energy. There is a good chance that you will encounter at least one life and death situation in your life, so you can only benefit from learning how to manage a crisis and find a solution. Don’t ever think that you are not good, strong or experienced enough to step in and take the lead, and start preparing now so when the time comes, you will be ready.

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