Why Oats Should be Part of Our Daily Diets


Oats are some of the best grains that we can be eating, and they contain a laundry list of nutrients that are essential for our overall health and well-being.  In fact, eating a serving of oats every day for a few weeks can have some profound and measurable effects on our bodies.  If you’re looking for a grain that can round out any long-term survival diet, as well promoting good health now, then oats are the answer.

Here are a few reasons why we should all be incorporating oats into our diets.


Skin Health

Oats are well-known for soothing a variety of skin problems that range from chicken pox to eczema and bug bites to rashes.  It can be applied topically with ease, and side-effects are almost unheard of.  Oats are also great for soothing sunburned skin, and a paste can be used as a moisturizer as well.  You can also use oat paste as a way to help protect your nose and face from the sun thanks to high concentrations of zinc.


Muscle Growth and Energy

While protein plays a major role in muscle growth, carbs and fats are equally important.  Fortunately, oats contain the perfect combination of both, and eating oats on a regular basis can jump-start any strength training regimen you want to undertake.  Additionally, oats contain good, slow-burning carbs that produce sustained, high-quality energy, and we need all of the good energy that we can get.



Antioxidants are important compounds that help to repair cells, neutralize toxins, remove waste and help the processes in our bodies to be moving along as efficiently as possible.  Antioxidants are also linked to regulating blood pressure and sugar as well as promoting optimal blood health.  Oats are an excellent source of antioxidants that our bodies need, and they can help us to recover from injuries faster, have greater resistance to illness and infection, and they also help us to feel better overall.


Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

One or two servings of oats every day will provide us with nearly all of the minerals that our bodies need.  Additionally, oats are loaded with vitamin C, B-complex, including niacin, and they also contain a lot of trace elements that a lot of other foods lack.  This is in addition to the healthy fiber in oats that not only makes us feel fuller and helps to curb appetite, but they also contribute to a more efficient and healthy digestive system.


Study after study has confirmed that participants improved in a number of areas following daily consumption of oats for at least a few weeks.  More energy, better mental clarity, fewer bouts with fatigue or feeling unwell, greater regularity, healthier and softer skin, lower blood pressure and weight loss are just a few common things that people experience, and you can too.


These are just a few examples of a seemingly-endless list of benefits associated with oats.  For preppers, oats have the additional benefit of being easy to store, inexpensive, and they also have a long shelf life.  Start taking a fresh look at oats, and discover how they can be a welcome addition to your pantry now and an integral part of your stockpile later.

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