Why a Revolver is Your Best Bet in Most Attacks

Why a Revolver is Your Best Bet in Most Attacks


loading 45 long colt revolver


They Are Simple

Revolvers lack a certain amount of pizzazz, but they work almost every time. Their simple mechanics allows shooters to get off a few rounds without the need to worry about misfires, dealing with jammed bullets or a host of other minor equipment problems. Simply load, holster and shoot when necessary.


They are also very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to disassemble the entire gun and make sure that every component is working perfectly as you do with more complex firearms. You generally just need to clean the chamber, barrel, parts of the firing mechanism and you’re good to go.


Revolvers are also very easy to use. Most people don’t need to go get training or read through a manual to fire their revolver. Sure, training helps to develop skill and accuracy, but in terms of out of the box readiness, revolvers win hands-down.


They Are Reliable

Revolvers lack a lot of complex moving parts and components that need to work together seamlessly. Shooters generally don’t have to stop firing to clean out a chamber or align parts. Revolvers are designed to fire bullets in the direction that the end of the gun faces, and they get the job done.


Remember that time is everything in a gunfight. You need to know that the weapon will work as needed, and the last thing you need to face is a situation where you need to adjust your firearm before getting off another shot.


This is one reason that law enforcement and even some military personnel like revolvers. They shoot when they want them to shoot, and their failure rate is ridiculously low.


However, revolvers aren’t the perfect option for everyone. They only allow you to get off a few rounds before you need to retreat, reload and re-engage. This limitation can give the opponent an opportunity to gain the upper hand. They also do not always have good balance or feel comfortable to some users. They lack the design capabilities that other gun models have capitalized on over the years, and revolvers can seem cumbersome and utilitarian.




Just keep in mind that in most home or self-defense situations, you will not need a semi-automatic pistol or rifle. Chances are that getting a couple of rounds off will scare potential threats and buy you some time to calculate your next move. Remember that simplicity often trumps everything in a survival scenario, and a revolver can get the job done just as easily as more complex weapons.


So, the next time you are out looking for a gun, consider picking up a good revolver. It will compliment any collection by providing shooters with a reliable and easy to use and maintain survival weapon. Just make sure that you pick one that is a good fit for your physique and shooting style in order to maximize the benefits that these old-school guns provide.

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