What Goes In a Bug Out Bag?

We add inventory to our bug out bags as we accumulate things, so this will probably become a living list. My personal bug out bag consists of more survival gear than the ones for the kids. It’s a little heavier, and there are a few things in there that I do not want stored in their rooms (fire starting gear, a small axe, etc.). Their bags have mostly things like a change of clothes, an emergency contact card, a blanket, a couple water bottles, etc.).

Our “survival gear” bug out bag has the following contents:

  • A couple rations of food (high-calorie bars). We also have a few packs of Ramen noodles because they have a lot of calories and are easy to prepare, but are extremely light.
  • Flashlights. One in each bag. Never burn more than one light at a time to preserve batteries. A hand-crank light is good here, too, for battery-less operation.
  • Batteries. To power flashlights, mainly. Be sure to have the right size for your equipment, and pack plenty of extras.
  • Glow sticks. When flashlights and batteries run out.
  • Hand-crank emergency radio. Great for power outages, and if you are on the run, good for keeping up with emergency broadcast.
  • Multi-tool. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere without a good multi-tool!
  • Knives. We have several kinds of knives. A folding camp knife with a saw edge, a Swiss Army knife with attachments, a large, fixed-blade survival knife, etc.).
  • Change of clothes. Lean towards cold weather gear, and consider an emergency rain poncho.

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