Weapons in your survival kit

Something horrible has happened and you’re in survival mode. There has been a breakdown in communications and maybe even the government. You’re on your own. Do you have a survival kit? Do you have a weapon in your kit?


What do you do now?

If you are putting together a survival kit in case of emergency, what weapons should you choose? This question can be answered in two different ways, for two completely opposite scenarios. If you’re going to be staying in one specific place, your base, then obviously you can afford heavier, bulkier gear and more of it. But, if you’re going to be mobile, you have to choose carefully. This is what we are going to take a look at.

large weapons

The best choices for weapons in a survival kit are those with multiple uses. An ax, for example, can be used for self-defense as well as wood cutting and even preparing the carcass of an animal you have killed for food. Multi-use knives and tools are fantastic to have on hand, make sure they are durable and geared for the uses you may need. Hunting knives are essential – they need to be kept clean and sharpened. Ropes, snares and the like are also good to have and be familiar with for hunting as well as laying traps for defense.


Firearms can be tricky. First of all, nobody can just pick up a .44 and automatically know how to use it. You must have trained in the use of the weapons you will be carrying. Also, unless you will be traveling alone, make sure each member of your party is also familiar with the types of firearms you have and how to load and fire them.


In more urban situations, you may have to defend yourself against the most intelligent animal on the plant – human beings. In these cases, a smaller caliber, light weapon would be easier to handle, fire and find ammo for. Many would choose a 9mm for this type of survival situation.


Though many do not like a .22 rifle because it is light, it is probably the easiest to handle, aim and fire. For this reason, a wilderness survival situation would likely be best served with one of these. If you are going to be in the wild with larger predators, like bears and mountain lions, you may want to also consider a larger caliber rifle or shotgun.


Also, ammunition is not usually an infinite supply. Buy plenty, buy it in advance and store it in a safe, easy to reach place and according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

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