Vegetables That can Thrive in Poor Soil


Did you know that there are quite a few vegetables that can grow and thrive in gardens with poor soil?  While the degree of success that we experience will depend on too-many variables to list here, we can put the odds in our favor by planting crops that are most-likely to do well.  Here are a few crops to consider planting in your survival garden, even if you live in an area where conditions are less than perfect.


String Beans

One of the nice things about string beans is that they are a very low-maintenance plant.  They also produce high yields in a small amount of space.  They are durable, they can thrive in a wide-range of temperatures, and they are easy to process and store after harvesting.  String beans also don’t need fertilizer.  In fact, the plants actually introduce nitrogen into the soil as they grow.  Consequently, placing a crop of string beans around the garden can help to promote the growth of other plants thanks to the nitrogen that is deposited in the ground.



Corn doesn’t need nutrient-rich soil to grow, and it can thrive almost everywhere.  However, crops do need a lot of sunlight, water and space to flourish.  The also need to be planted in rows so that they can cross-pollinate.  As long as you can meet these basic requirements, you can benefit from producing and harvesting your own corn during a prolonged-crisis.  Not only will it be a staple item in your emergency food supply, but it’s also a valuable commodity that can be bartered or sold.



Zucchini is part of the squash family, and it’s probably the easiest to grow.  It’s also one of the most-productive.  Some have compared growing zucchini to growing weeds because they are so prolific.  They don’t need a lot of care and maintenance, and they also grow pretty fast.  Best of all, zucchini is a very healthy vegetable that can produce a lot of nutrition in a small amount of space.



Tomatoes are another hearty crop, and you can find varieties that grow almost anywhere.  They also don’t need a lot of care.  Just plant them in an area that receives good sunlight, and make sure they get enough water.  As a general rule, the best way to plant a successful tomato crop, particularly in less-than-ideal conditions, is to start them in containers before transplanting the seedlings into the ground.


Carrots and Potatoes

These vegetables thrive in rocky, poor soil, and they just need some water and at least a half day of sun in order to grow.  They also do well in cooler climates.  Carrots and sweet potatoes also contain high levels of beta carotene, which is an essential nutrient for vision health, and they’re not found in many other common survival garden crops.  They can also be processed and stored in a number of different ways, and they have a relatively-long shelf life when they’re stored in their original state as well.

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