The Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Bars

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Bars


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Window bars are primarily viewed as a deterrent as opposed to a formidable barrier to forced entry. Someone just seeing window bars is probably more likely to move on to another target instead of wasting time cutting and prying themselves inside. Another advantage is that it can protect children as well as pets from climbing outside and wandering off.

There is also a huge selection of window bars on the market that makes finding the ideal setup for your property easy as well. This includes different designs, colors and features. Some features to consider are pointed ends on the top and bottom, the type of material they are made from and special release mechanisms that can be used by fire or rescue personnel if needed.


The most significant disadvantage is that window bars trap you inside. While some have special release mechanisms, poorly-designed bars can be easy to break into. However, having this backup safety feature can also give you access to a way out of the building if doors or other exits are blocked. Another disadvantage is that gaining entry by you is also limited. Let’s say that you need to rush into the building in an emergency and the doors are inaccessible. Another potential concern is that you may lose your keys and want to climb into a window and unlock the door. This may not be possible if your windows are barred.


Things to Consider

You don’t have to bar every window in order to enhance security. You can focus on the windows along the lower level as well as some upstairs ones that may be accessible from a tree, scaling the wall or using a ladder. Assess your property and determine which windows should be prioritized and which ones are okay to leave alone. You should also consider leaving some windows un-barred as a last-ditch option for entry or escape by anyone other than an intruder.

Evaluate your property, weigh the benefits with the drawbacks and then decide on how extensive you want this security system to be. You may want to consider other alternatives such as cast iron or steel fencing and gates, covering the perimeter of your home with tall thorn bushes or other natural deterrents that will cause intruders to think twice. On the other hand, adding bars to windows in conjunction with other layers of perimeter defense may be just what you need to secure your property and protect your family or valuables.

Finally, it’s important to consider how the bars will be installed. There are different techniques that are used for different window frames and styles. Some techniques are also more robust than others. Make sure that you know your options before deciding on installing bars on your windows. The last thing that you need is to have bars that can be easily removed due to poor planning when it comes to their installation.

Bars do make for a great security option, but they don’t come without risks. Make sure that you consider both sides of the coin before deciding on this option.

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