Survival New Year’s Resolutions You Really Want to Keep

Survival New Year’s Resolutions You Really Want to Keep



Get Current

Make time to stay abreast of the latest threats to our safety and security. Look beyond the sensational headlines that captivate the mainstream media, and really dig deep to understand how your personal safety may be at risk in your own back yard. While the world is going up in smoke, and things seem more dire than ever, the reality is that our focus needs to be on things that have a better chance of impacting our lives here at home.


Stay up to date on the latest developments in technologies and resources that pertain to the survival community as well. Learning bushcraft or basic survival skills is important because we never know when they will be the only resources available to us. However, sometimes purchasing a certain product, utilizing a particular app or taking advantage of new technology can make life a lot easier as well.


For example, water filtration devices have evolved by leaps and bounds over the course of the past few years. Developments in areas such as portable power generation, lighting, navigation and food storage have also made it possible to get more done with less. Take the time to do some research and avail yourself of these resources in order to free up time, energy and resources during a crisis.





Stop Procrastinating

Have a project that you’ve been meaning to tackle but have been putting it off? Considering working out and getting into better shape? Thinking about building that shelter or taking some time to learn new skills? We all have things that are easy for use to focus on, and we all have things that we struggle with starting or finishing. Set some tangible goals, make a commitment to reach them by a specific time and get started.


Make a Promise to Keep Growing

It’s easy for us to get lulled into a false sense of security as we develop routines, check things off of our survival bucket list and accumulate supplies and skills. It’ important to find ways to break free of our respective comfort zones, stretch skills and improve our ability to prepare and then react to a crisis. Take some time to do some soul-searching, talk things over with your family, friends and compatriots, and find ways to move through periods of complacency in order to keep growing, even when it hurts.



Look at your successes and failures that have transpired over the course of the past year. Remember resolutions that you’ve kept or forgotten as time progressed? What struggles did you encounter? What have you learned? These are just a few examples of things to consider the new year approaches, and this is a great time to take pride in what you’ve accomplished. It is also a great time to be honest about some of your failures, examine the reasons things didn’t work out, and make a commitment to try and avoid making the same mistakes this year.


Remember that preparedness is an ongoing process, and this is an excellent time to take stock and set the bar high for the upcoming year.

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