Safety Razors: Your Truly Practical Survival Shaving Solution?


We have a handful of options when it comes to shaving during a survival situation.  We can use a straight, disposable or safety razor, we can improvise our own, or we can grow beards.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and a lot of what we choose to pack away often boils down to personal preferences more than anything else.  However, there is a good case to be made for packing a safety razor in our bug out bags and survival kits, so let’s talk about a few of the benefits here.


They’re Reusable

One of the main benefits of safety razors is that you can reuse them.  Yes, you’ll have to replace or carefully-sharpen the blades after a few uses, but the handle and head itself can last for years.  Quality ones can last for lifetimes.  In terms of a long-term survival situation, it makes a lot more sense to stock up on small boxes of inexpensive replacement blades instead of a large quantity of plastic disposables.  While you can reuse the handle on a number of disposables as well, they’re made from plastic, they will wear over time, and you’ll also need a backup so you can continue to use the blades if it does break prematurely.


Additionally, cost is a big factor to consider.  You can easily spend more than a hundred dollars on building a suitable disposable razor stockpile.  On the other hand, you can get hundreds of replacement blades for a tiny fraction of the cost.


They’re Efficient

You can collect more than enough blades for you and your family to see you through the effects of a nuclear apocalypse.  Blades can also easily outlast their disposable counterparts, both in their ability to provide for numerous shaves as well as in their overall shelf life.  Blades and razors are also easier to keep clean whereas you’re more-likely to see bacteria and fungal spores growing on disposables that can be transferred to the body during shaving.  They also take up minimal space when compared to disposables, and you can even bug-out with a lifetime supply in your pocket if there isn’t any room in your bug out bag.



Safety razor blades can be useful in a variety of different circumstances.  They can be used for slicing and cutting, they can be used defensively, and you can even fashion spear heads out of them for hunting.  Consequently, you can be packing away a valuable survival resource in addition to having a means in which to shave in the field.


One or Multi-Blade

There is considerable debate as to whether or not multiple blades actually give us a close and comfortable shave.  However, remember people have been shaving with safety razors for more than a century before disposables came along.  Some suggest that good marketing is responsible for the success of disposables more than their effectiveness, but at the end of the day, does it really matter?  Chances are that having the perfect shave will be the last thing on your mind as you contend with a prolonged-crisis.


Finally, safety razors are durable, and they can withstand a lot of abuse and the effects of harsh conditions.  While you will need to take care when storing the blades, a good razor itself can stand up to pretty much anything that you can throw its way.  Consequently, they may be the best option to consider in terms of preparedness simply for this reason alone.


While disposables may be a convenient option under normal circumstances, they may not be the best option during a crisis.  Learn more about safety razors, and consider taking a few shaves with one to get a feel for what you can expect.  Chances are that you won’t notice much of a difference, and it could turn out to be one resource that you’ll be happy to have on-hand during a crisis as well.

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