Prepping Rationally: Being Smart and Proactive

Prepping Rationally: Being Smart and Proactive


In theory, a good utility knife, survival knife, some steel or waterproof matches, string, tape, a tarp, socks and gloves along with water purification supplies is all that you really need to have on hand to survive. Fire, water and shelter. The bare minimum. However, most survival situations that we will encounter (that are not self-inflicted) will probably involve more than building a hideout in the woods. We are going to need medicine, clothes, fuel, fresh water and food. But, how do you choose?


Be smart and proactive.

Being proactive means to plan for something that’s going to happen in the future instead of reacting to it when it happens. We all come up with elaborate strategies with respect to how we will do this or how we will deal with that. The truth of the matter is what we encounter in the real world may be quite different from what we dream up in our imagination. While it is important to plan for the future based on a number of contingencies, it is also important to equip yourself with basic tools and resources that can be of value in a number of circumstances.

It also means planning for more than one different scenario, and placing yourself at different levels of readiness for different occasions. You want a bug-out-bag and a kitted out car, but you also want to make sure that you have enough candles, cans of food and drinks available in your home if the power goes out or you are ordered to stay indoors. You can learn how to hunt and fish with as little as some wood and a string, but do you know what back roads to drive down if your town ends up downwind from the fallout of a dirty bomb.

Be Rational.

Don’t get grandiose and focus on prepping for the next meteor impact, EMP pulse or government takeover. Chances are that you will get impacted by a minor hiccup in comparison, but if you’re caught with your pants down, then you can be in serious trouble when you least expect problems. Plan accordingly, and make sure that you can quickly assemble what you need and take action.

Common sense goes a very long way when thinking of how to cope with a way of life that’s not as comfortable as it is today. We are not guaranteed any safe and secure tomorrows. But, we also don’t know exactly what kind of crises we will face as the world turns. Take a realistic, practical and proactive approach in order to be ready for almost anything while leaving the tunnel vision behind.



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