Prepare A Survival Kit For Your Kids Before Camping

Before going out camping with the family we usually make a list of items that we should pack with us to take.  There is something even more important that should be done prior to the list.  The most import thing a parent or anyone can have for a camping trip is to prepare a survival kit for your kids and your family as well as have a survival plan.  After packing these items, parents should go over survival tips with their children and prepare them for the worst.  This way if the kids happen to get lost in the woods, they can stay safe before help arrives.


An easy to remember tip you can teach your children is to follow SWLV, which stand for Still, Warm, Loud and Noisy.  Make sure that they understand that it is important to stay where they are and not wonder even further.  Once they have done that they should settle and try to stay warm.  After getting comfortable they can become loud and noisy in order to alert people in the surrounding area.  Finally, becoming visible will help search and rescue and people nearby to spot them more quickly.


Give your kids a survival kit of their own to carry with them.  Of course it will not be as heavy duty as your real bug out bags but it will help them get through the situation until help arrives.  Start with a water bottle full of water.  To help them get warm and visible, use a bright emergency poncho.  To help them get loud, include a whistle.  A sturdy rope can be used to create a tent with the poncho as well.  Finally, a food bar will keep them full for a longer period of time. has a ready made kit for children 11 years and younger with all of the items mentioned above and more for your convenience and peace of mind.  Most importantly, show them how to use the items before you head out.  If you follow these steps, you will feel even better going on your trip because you will know that you have helped your child become prepared for the unexpected.  Stay safe and have a great trip. Safe camping

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