Nature’s Secret to Beating the Common Cold!

Nature’s Secret to Beating the Common Cold!

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All you need is some fresh ginger root, an empty bag of tea, a glass of hot water, another empty glass and a grater.  You will also need a teaspoon to tablespoon of sugar as well as a drink filter, a fine strainer or some cheese cloth.  You can also add some cayenne pepper or other pepper that has a high amount of capsicum as well as some mint, lemon or lime slices.

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Preparing the Recipe

The first step is to grate the ginger.  You want to make it as fine as possible in order to extract the nutrients and juices and make it easy to steep in the hot water.  Start by grating the equivalent of a few cloves of garlic and add or subtract based on your needs or preferences.

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Place the grated ginger into the tea bag, seal and put into the hot water. Allow it to steep for a couple of minutes.  Stir and press the bag against the walls of the glass to extract as much of the ginger as possible.  Add the sugar, pepper, citrus juice and mint to the empty glass.  Place the strainer or cheese cloth over the glass and pour in the ginger water.  The strainer will filter out some of the larger particles and give you a smoother finished product.

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Mix all of the ingredients together and drink while also inhaling some of the vapors as well.  You should notice an immediate sense of relief as the active ingredients begin to work.

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How this Remedy Works

One of the properties of ginger is that it reduces inflammation in the sinuses and nasal cavity.  This will help to relieve some of the congestion that is associated with colds.  It also acts as an expectorant and can help to open swollen airways in addition to removing excess mucous in the bronchial tubes.  The pepper helps to open pores and release toxins that are accumulating in the body.  The capsicum also helps to remove mucous buildup in the lungs, sinuses and nose.  Finally, it also helps to boost the immune system and assists the body in fighting the cold virus.

The lemon or lime juice helps to also boost the immune system by infusing the body with vitamin C.  It also helps to expel toxins that accumulate in the lungs and nasal passages.  Lemon juice is particularly known for also reducing pH levels in the body which have been shown to create an inhospitable environment for ailments to thrive.

Mint is also known to be a fantastic expectorant as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.  It also soothes irritated nasal passages and bronchial tubes.  It also relaxes the respiratory tract and makes breathing easier.

All of these ingredients combined create a powerhouse that can help to reduce cold symptoms while also giving the body what it needs to fight the virus and limit its reproduction. Finally, consider mixing some honey into the mixture as a way to soothe irritated airways as well.

A few doses of this medication per day, and throughout the course of your cold, can help you to feel better while giving you faster relief as well.  Try this remedy out for yourself and play around with the proportions of the ingredients to create a stronger remedy as necessary.  While most remedies and medications out there do not completely cure colds, good treatments can help to alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process.




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