Micro Emergency Fire Starting Kit Tutorial, Homemade Survival Tool

Came across MeZillch‘s tutorial and was intrigued, it might be for everyone but these little micro Fire started are kinda cool. You could make one and have it on your key chain for emergency use.



Published on Jun 21, 2014

This is NOT a lighter for cigarettes; it’s a DIY fire starting kit that works with just one hand, requires almost no skill, and saves space compared to a Mini BIC lighter. It’s basically a DIY “Spark Lite” spark generator, used to ignite tinder, cut down from a Mini BIC. I AM NOT THE ORIGINATOR OF THIS IDEA.

Mine carries a Tinder Quik in its hollow handle, to get me going in an emergency when I can’t rustle up any other sources or when all the available sources are dripping wet from recent rain, plus it is also smaller than the Spark-Lite, has a keychain mount, and it’s practically “free”! I carry it for emergency survival situations.

Hypothermia is a leading cause of death when people get stranded unexpectedly in the wild. You can live without water for a day or two, even longer without food, but hypothermia can kill you in just hours. Being able to build a campfire in an emergency is one of, if not THE most important survival skills out there! People often only pack a thin jacket thinking they are just going for a brief hike that afternoon, only to find they twist their ankle or get lost in the middle of the woods, and once the sun sets the temperature plummets. This can be very dangerous. Carrying this tiny thing, half the size of a pen cap, may save your life some day!

Besides warmth, fires also provide light, signaling, smoke signaling, repel animals and insects, let you boil water derived from natural sources to sterilize it, cook food, etc.



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