Hurricane Survival Kit


hurricane sandy hits new york city


Hurricane survival can depend on spur-of-the-moment decisions, and sometimes the best choice is to leave home and head for safer ground. Even if your home is in a safe zone, you may be stranded miles away, needing to survive until you can make your way to safety. In these situations, your best insurance is a hurricane survival kit or a pack known as a bug out bag (BOB) or bug out kit (BOK). These portable supply carriers hold enough items to hold you over for 72 hours during a disaster. While not a part of a long-term plan, a bug-out bag can mean the difference between getting to safety and suffering from wind and flooding from a hurricane.


Hurricane Survival Kit


Choose a bag you can easily handle on your own. If you are in good physical condition, the best choice is a sturdy backpack made for camping. High-quality backpacks are comfortable, have multiple straps designed to secure the pack to your body and will hold a large amount of supplies. If you have a smaller stature or aren’t strong enough to carry a pack on your back, find a sturdy rolling suitcase small enough to maneuver around tight corners. The key is to find a bag large enough to hold your supplies, but small enough to be comfortably carried or pulled for three days, if need be. It is a (statistically) much better idea to actually get a ready made, professionally pre-configured hurricane survival kit from a well known brand such as Guardian, Mayday, etc., all of which we carry at, since we are the primary retail outlet of all survival gear and specifically provide customer input to manufacturers as to what to pack in their kits.


Once you get a hurricane survival kit, you can then add items specific to your situation. Start with the basic supplies to support life. After you have the bare minimum, keep adding less necessary items to make your life easier during the crisis. Begin with freeze-dried food or shelf-stable food such as tuna pouches and peanut butter. Add a water purifier kit. You’ll need a first aid kit, including supplies of any prescription medication you currently take. Add a flashlight and extra batteries, plus a handful of small, keychain LED lights. Pack at least one spare set of clothing, plus a jacket or sweatshirt and a folding poncho. Add a blanket or rolled sleeping bag to the list of comfort items. Finish the packing with smaller items in the corners such as cash, twist ties, garbage bags, matches and a crank-style radio. Test the bag occasionally to see it you can comfortably carry or pull it, and add or subtract items accordingly until the pack is filled.


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