How to Make a Drinking Water Dispenser for Your Backpack!

How to Make a Drinking Water Dispenser for Your Backpack!

What You Will Need

1 Empty 5 liter wine bag

¼ inch aquarium or similar tubing

¾ inch PVC insert with male threads

1 ¼ inch bushing with female threads

1 ¼  inch rubber repair pipe

¾ inch PVC L-pipe

¾ inch PVC threaded cap

¾ inch PVC adapter

Plastic epoxy

Rubber repair tubing with pinch valve

Nylon Screw

Water bottle filter cartridges

Rubber grommet (preferrably 3/8 x 11/32)

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Preparing the Bag

The first step is to empty the wine bag and clean and dry thoroughly.  Remove the spigot and fill the bag with air.   Make sure that there are no leaks in the bag, otherwise you will need to replace it with another one for this project.   Attach the bushing around the pipe that exits the bag with the plastic epoxy.  Be generous with the epoxy to ensure that there are no gaps that will create leaks later.   

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.12.57 AM

Preparing the Components

The first step is to cut down the repair pipe to be a couple of inches longer than the filter cartridge.  This will serve as the housing for the filter.  Take the grommet and put it inside the filter and attach the nylon screw.  Place the cartridge inside and attach the L-pipe to one end but do not glue into place.   Attach the male PVC adapter to the other end and glue into place.  This will screw into the connector that you made on the bag earlier.

Take the end cap and puncture a hole in the center.  This is where you will attach the aquarium tubing for the mouth piece later.  Screw on the male adapter and set the filter assembly aside.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.12.57 AM

Preparing the Drinking Tube

Take the rubber repair tubing with the pinch valve and place it next to the aquarium tubing.  You want to get at least an inch of the rubber tube inside of the aquarium one.  Cut off any excess to size and insert into the aquarium tube.  Work it in as far as you can in order to maximize the seal.

All you should need to do now is attach the drink tube and clamp to the filter assembly before screwing into the bag.  Double check for leaks, but these fittings, along with the epoxy should provide enough support to withstand the pressure of the water an the rigors of hiking.

You can also modify this project without the filter if you will be carrying your own supply of fresh water.  Simply attach the L-pipe to the male adapter and cover that contains the drinking tube.

Try this out for yourself and see how this system can provide you with quick and easy access to water without the expense of commercially-available products.  It will also help to distribute the weight of the water more evenly and eliminate the need to carry or store bottles of water that can knock you off-balance while you’re walking.


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