How to Escape From Being Tied to a Chair

How to Escape From Being Tied to a Chair

Ropes or Cords
Being bound to a chair with cordage or ropes is probably the easiest, and least painful, option in terms of plotting an escape.  Essentially, all you need to do is wiggle your torso, arms and hands until a portion of the rope begins to loosen up.  Then, you can usually free one hand and use it to untie the other.  However, the method you use will depend on how you are tied up.

For example, if your hands are bound at each wrist and then together, it will take a bit longer to be able to wiggle free.  If your hands are bound together at the wrists with a single rope, then it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to stretch the rope until there’s enough room to slide one of your hands out.  The same principle applies when you are bound at the arms and hands.  Focus on removing one or both of your hands first before attempting to loosen the rope around your arms.

You can also apply this idea to a situation where you are tied with an extension, power cord or piece of cloth.  All of these materials have a certain degree of elasticity that will enable you to create just enough slack that will allow you to slither yourself out of captivity.  However, cords are also more likely to dig into your skin and cause pain as you work yourself free.

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Tape provides extra adhesion that may make it more difficult to escape from as opposed to ropes.  However, you can still follow the same concepts as outlined above to achieve similar results, but be prepared for it to take longer and cause more discomfort.

Enlarge Your Profile
One of the best things that you can do, no matter how you are bound, is to enlarge your profile as much as possible.  You do this by taking a deep breath or expanding your chest before being bound to a chair across your torso.  You can also try to maximize the gap between your wrists or arms as they are being tied behind your back as well.  The trick is to accomplish this without attracting a lot of attention of your captors as you are being bound.

The main benefit of extending your profile is that you will create more space when you relax, exhale, shrink your chest or move your wrists closer together.  This little bit of extra space will make wiggling free a lot easier and less time-consuming.  These little spaces will also make the injuries that you sustain during the escape less painful and severe.

False Sense of Security
It is highly unlikely that you will be bound by an intruder or kidnapped by professionals.  Rather, it will probably be perpetuated by an opportunistic thief or someone with minimal training in terms of restraining someone.  Consequently, chances are that they will end up with a false sense of security in terms of their ability to keep you tied up.  In reality, these methods are not all that effective, but they tend to work because the victim feels powerless and too afraid to think their way out of the situation.

Keep this in mind if you are ever faced with a similar situation.  Keep calm, try to maintain as big of a profile as possible and assess the situation.  Any rope or cord that can be tied can also be loosened and untied, and most tape can also be stretched and loosened to your advantage as well.  As long as you think of this more in terms of being a scare tactic, the more you will be able to think yourself out of trouble.

Finally, consider practicing so that you can get a sense of what it will take to get free long before a real emergency arises.  Try a few different methods and discover the intricacies of being able to wiggle yourself free.  You will be surprised how the principles described here as well as your own ability to think on your feet can give you the upper hand a lot easier than you think.



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