Do You Have Green Powder Supplements in Your Stockpile?


Green powder supplements have been around for decades, but it was only recently that they’ve made it into the mainstream.  They have enormous nutritional benefits, they’re not that expensive, and they can be stored for periods of a year or longer.  While they should never be used to replace eating fresh vegetables and nutritious greens, they represent an invaluable addition to any stockpile or emergency food supply.


Why are they Good?

Green powders usually contain a mixture of nutrient-rich grasses, seaweed, kelp and vegetables.  Many also include herbs and proteins as well.  Most ingredients are linked to producing enormous health benefits, and the combination produces a high-density source of nutrition that is easy to consume and digest.


We all know about the importance of eating a lot of living foods in order to fight disease and promote overall health and well-being.  However, we also know how difficult it can be to incorporate these things into our daily diets.  It’s also a common challenge to plan so that we get a wide-range of different plant-based nutrients into our bodies as well.  Green powders eliminate this problem by giving us easy access to a concentrated dose.


Food for Thought

While green powders are great sources of nutrition, they shouldn’t be used to replace eating healthy, plant-based foods.  Most of the fiber is removed during processing, along with moisture that contains certain phyto and micro-nutrients, and this reduces their overall nutritional benefit when compared with fresh alternatives somewhat.  Consequently, while these supplements can be very healthy, they should never be used to replace natural foods.  However, that’s not to say that we can’t benefit from a dose or two a day on top of what we normally eat, because we can, and the benefits can be tremendous.


In a Crisis

We need to eat a lot of vegetables in order to get the nutrients that we need on a daily basis.  We also need more of them during prolonged periods of high-stress.  During a crisis, access to an abundant and diverse supply of plant-based foods will be limited or non-existent altogether.  Having some green powder that can be mixed with water is the easiest and most-effective way to get what we need into our bodies.


Green powders are also easy to transport and store, and a small bottle can be more than enough to get through a month or longer.  While you should still find creative ways to incorporate veggies and plant-based foods into your emergency food supplies, green powder fills nutritional gaps, and we can all benefit from having some on hand.


Quality Products

There are hundreds of different green powders on the market, and it’s important to get yours from a trusted and reliable source.  It’s also important that you choose products that contain ingredient combinations that will be most-beneficial for you and your family, and this will involve doing some research and shopping around.  However, you’ll end up with a fantastic nutritional power-boost that can lead to transformative benefits now while helping you to minimize deficits during a prolonged-crisis.


Start using them now, and add some supplies to your bug out bags and emergency stockpiles.  These are a must-have supplement for anyone who wants access to a stable source of nutrition during and after a SHTF situation.


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