Disaster BACKUP Plan: How To Store Important Files

A Disaster Plan is something that should be extremely thought through. Every year we are faced with hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, blackouts, and even the threats of terrorism. We store water, food, and other tools in our bug out bags, but do we have everything we really need? One thing that is always overlooked is data backup. Nowadays our whole lives revolve around the internet and our electronics. Doesn’t it make sense to preserve our electronic identity in case of a disaster? With a small flash drive you can safely store your most important documents in case of an emergency. Here’s what you might want to store:


1) List of Passwords


Organize your list of passwords from all your online accounts and put them in an excel file for easy management. If something happens to your computers, you’ll have a backup handy and will still be able to access your accounts. If you can remember all your passwords just from memory, then that’s awesome too.


2) Family Photos


A lot of things happen that are out of our control.. like hurricanes and wildfires. But sometimes we forget to blow out out a candle or have a pipe burst from that repair we told our wife “we’d do ourselves”. When this happens, our family memories could be in jeopardy. For old photo’s that aren’t digital, scan, and save in case old photo album is damaged. Your family will thank you.


3) Copies of Insurance Policies


This one’s a biggie. Having your insurance account information handy can save you a lot of time and trouble. During Huricane Sandy, homeowners trying to place claims were asked for copies of their policies. Can you believe that? The companies that ISSUED the policies were asking for a copy to process the claim. Without them, they needed to wait 24-48 hours to be verified. So be prepared. Copy and scan your records to have on your flash drive.


4) Any Important Documents


Any number of items could go in this category. It might be wise to just make copies of all your important files, permits, or licenses. This could be copies of drivers licenses, birth certificates, vital medical records, resume’s, and 100 year old family recipe’s.


5) Contact Information


When Sh*t hits the fan, you’ll probably want to locate all your friends and family. Store the names, numbers, and addresses of emergency contacts and other people you like.


* These tips will only work if computers still exist.


bamboo flash drive


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