CAR SURVIVAL, things you must know

As summer comes to an end and the cold weather is fast approaching, one very important question comes to mind: Will you know what to do in case you get stuck in your car during a storm? People who find themselves traveling during a winter storm are at greater risk for dangerous road conditions.  Having not only the proper survival knowledge but also the essential life saving items in your car will greatly increase your chances of surviving.  This article will provide you with essential tips on survival in the car.  Having the proper car survival kit can play an instrumental role in surviving in your car.


So what are you supposed to do if you get trapped in your car during a storm? Please see the below tips to help you stay safe.


1. It is highly recommended for you to stay in your vehicle because your car is a great source of heat and shelter. Also, snow and cold can disorient you so it’s not a good idea to walk for help.


2. You are also advised to run your motor for 10 minutes every hour to maintain heat.  Do not leave the engine on for longer than 10 minutes because you do not want to endanger yourself with a possible carbon monoxide poisoning.


3. Do not sit still. It is a very good idea to move your arms, legs, toes and fingers on a regularly basis to keep your blood circulating.  Stretching is also very important.


4. Make sure to not waste battery power so limit the use of radio and lights. Run the heater and fans while the engine is on.


5. The amount of time you might spend trapped in your car is unknown; it can be a few hours up to a few days. With that said, having the proper survival gear is highly recommended.  A few items that we recommend include the following: high calorie, non-perishable food, flashlight, water, survival whistlefirst aid kit and an emergency blanket or sleeping bag.  It’s important to be proactive and ensure that you have all of the necessary items in your car at all times.


6. It is highly recommended to pack extra articles of clothing and leave it in your car such as thick thermal socks, thick winter coats and winter boots, just to name a few. The reason for this is because you will need dry clothes in case the clothes you are wearing get wet. You want to prevent hypothermia from occurring.


7.  Keep snow chains for your tires as well as a snow shovel in your car at all times.


The main idea that we,,  are trying to convey is for you to prepare your vehicle to act as a survival shelter. You never know when or if you will ever need it, but it is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard in the future. Don’t wait for an event to occur for you to think ahead.  We at live by our motto, which  is Prepare Today, Survive Tomorrow, and strongly urge you to do the same.

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