Build a Practical Emergency Heater for Indoor Use

Build a Practical Emergency Heater for Indoor Use

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Terra Cotta Pots

This trick has been noted for its practicality and decorative appeal, and many

variants have popped up over the years due to its popularity. All you need is

one or two terra cotta pots that have holes in the bottom, a bolt with nuts and

washers, a couple of candles and heat-resistant surface. The basic idea is to

turn the pot upside down, allow it to rest on the candles, and their heat will

radiate and be absorbed by the pots. However, to really maximize the heat

generating capability of this method, you should use two pots to promote

convection.  The first step is to place a washer along the outside of the bottom

hole and feed the nut through the opening into the pot. Then, put another

washer over the bolt so that it rests on the bottom of the pot and attach

another nut. The next step is to create a gap between the smaller and larger

pots. Do this by putting another nut on the bolt so that once the smaller pot

is attached, its rim will be flush with the larger one. Add another washer to

the outside and inside of the pot and attach the final bolt, securing both pots

in place.  Now all you need to do is to place the pots on top of some big,

circular glass candles. The heat from the candles will quickly warm the pot,

and the oxygen coming in from the bottom will feed the flames.  The movement

of air between the pots will maximize the amount of energy they will absorb,

providing an efficient way to distribute heat. You can also rest the pot on

two bricks or other heat resistant stands and place the candles in the space

between them.


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