4 Amazing Survival Hacks to Add to Your Collection!

4 Amazing Survival Hacks to Add to Your Collection!

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Spare Keys

You can make a spare key out of an old debit or credit card or an empty Tic-Tac container in a couple of steps.  This is a great way to have a copy laying around without the need to visit a locksmith or key maker.  All you need is the material listed above in addition to a fat piece of clear tape and a lighter.

The first step is hold the flame from the lighter against the key.  Keep running the lighter up and down the length of the key until one side of it is completely coated with black char.  Consider using a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the key near the eye as it will be very hot during this process.  Once the key is coated, allow it to cool for about 30 seconds and place over the sticky side of the tape.  Press evenly so that the char leaves an impression on the tape that duplicates the shape of the key.

The next step is to place the tape over the card or side of the Tic-Tac container.  If you are using the container, cut out one of the sides and remove the label to make it easier to work with.  Next, simply cut away the material until you have nothing left but the rough shape of the key.  Take a scalpel or razor and start to carefully whittle down the material around the teeth of the key.  This is the most difficult part of the process because the effectiveness of the key will depend on how thoroughly you make these cuts.

Once finished, test the key in the lock.  If it works, then you’re done.  If not, then make fine adjustments to the cuts you’ve made until everything is just right.

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PVC Cold Pack

You can make a very long-lasting cold pack with a length of fat PVC pipe, two end caps and some water.  All you need to do is cut the pipe into the desired length, and glue one of the end caps into place with some plastic cement or epoxy.  Fill the pipe about ¾ of the way up with water before gluing on the other cap.  You can also add some salt to the water in order to make it freeze faster.  However, adding salt will also cause the water to melt more quickly as well.

Place the pipes into the freezer until needed.  They can radiate cool air for hours, and you can use them for almost anything.

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Rudimentary Compost Barrel

If you have a 55 gallon drum laying around along with a couple of tires, you can make a very basic compost barrel in minutes.  Simply cut out a flap in the center of the barrel for placing and removing compost, attach the tires to either end, and the barrel can be rolled on the ground to rotate the material inside.

Consider cutting out some small holes in different spots around the barrel to promote oxygenation.  You may also want to add a couple of hinges or a handle and latch to the flap to make it more secure.  In any case, this will work just as well as a barrel that is mounted on a frame.

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Plastic Bag Sealer From a Jar

You can turn an empty plastic jar with a screw-top lid into a bag sealer in a couple of easy steps.  Simply clean the jar and cut away the lid just below where the top of the jar beings to taper off.  Unscrew the lid from the ring that you’ve just created and place the bag through the ring.  Fold it over the edges and reattach the lid.  You now have a sealed bag that can keep things fresher for longer periods of time.

These are just a few more examples of how easy it is to fiddle with everyday items and turn them into practical resources to have on hand.  Try these ideas out at home for yourself and see how they can make life a little bit easier.  Stay tuned for more easy life-hacks and feel free to share some of your own as well.


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