Survival Superfood Will Last On Your Shelf For 150 Years

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Whether you’re a fan of apocalypse themed movies or not you are surely worried about natural disasters that can occur at any time. A natural disaster, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, are more likely to happen, than a zombie apocalypse, but still it is essential to be prepared for either of these. This means, you need to learn some basic surviving skills, many of you who used to be scouts, already know them. But what about the food? How can you make sure, that in case of a calamity you will be well prepared at this matter? Well, here’s a cool and useful video that will teach you about creating survival food that can last up to 150 years just the way it is. The recipe is called Hardtack and it can be an essential food for your survival. Watch the video and see for yourself how useful this recipe can be.





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